Should I buy an omega planet ocean or Rolex?

Should I buy an omega planet ocean or Rolex?

Should I buy an omega planet ocean or Rolex?

Today, we are taking a look at two titans, two of the most loved watches, and two of the most mainstream mechanical watches ever—the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Planet Ocean. These watches are built to an inconceivable level, and their style have been investigated over as much as the Sistine Chapel.


Rolex is the most famous watch brand on the planet. Really popular for its unmistakable outlines, mechanical accuracy, and noteworthy legacy, Rolex is an unquestionable requirement for watch lovers all over the world. Rolex is likewise a big name top choice, showing up on the wrists of everybody from Eric Clapton to Roger Federer and Victoria Beckham. With regards to purchasing a luxury watch, there is an entire host of brands to browse, yet there is an enchantment that encompasses a Rolex - no single watch brand has produced such a significant number of momentous models.


The Planet Ocean Diver 300M, with its continuing association with the world's most loved mystery operator, is a standout amongst the most famous watches in OMEGA's gathering. New models are improved with striking hues and overhauled with Co-Axial bores and new capacities.


To the untrained eye, picking between them resembles picking between the biggest competitors, and to the extent of quality, esteem for cash and configuration they go, they are both on a similar wavelength. In any case, there are regions where they contrast and best each other.


In case you're wanting to buy one of these, buy whichever your gut shouts out for; however in the event that you're after a little help with your choice, at that point we are here to present our nitty-gritty breakdown of their key highlights, and which one wins out for us.

 Rolex Planet Ocean

Rolex Submariner versus Omega Planet Ocean

The watches like Omega Seamaster planet ocean, omega planet ocean deep black, Omega Seamaster planet ocean deep black are made of stainless steel. These models, the latest in their arrangement, are the dark dial releases. We are going to compare these watches with respect to the design elements, development and wearability.


  • Design Elements

These watches share genuinely comparative plan style—the dark dial/bezel combo, un-jumbled dial, tolerably estimated case—and they are both very readable.



We cherish the matte outlook on the Omega dial contrasted with the glossier Submariner, and the orange-tipped second hand is a decent touch.

When all is said in done, we favour the Submariner's case plan, and the float bolt framework on the clasp is an authentic development in the realm of jump watches.



We are not a colossal fanatic of the Planet Ocean's minute and hour hands—the bolt configuration looks somewhat evident to us - We very much want those on the Submariner.

For us, the helium escape valve of the Planet Ocean unbalances the watch. In the meantime, with the Rolex, we don't like the shiny finish on the dial and very much wanted the matte dials they used to fit them with. Going by the looks of the watch and how people aim to use it Cyclops focal point is especially essential, when the date window is sufficiently simple to peruse without it.


Final Decision

While we appreciate a couple of components of the Planet Ocean's outline, especially its dial, we can't run with something besides the Rolex Submariner, notwithstanding thinking about its minor blemishes. For us, the Submariner is the quintessential diving watch and a plan exemplary in the realm of horology.


  • Development

Both watches include top notch in-house developments that are the consequences of years of innovative work from their watchmaking groups.



The Rolex 3135 bore is a straightforward, precise and solid programmed development and it's generally simple to be serviced.



Omega have made things a stride advance with the improvement of their co-hub 8500 gauge, intended to decrease grating thus last more. They have supplanted a portion of the key segments, including the adjust wheel, with silicone and titanium parts, viably killing the impact of attraction on the watch. This prompts better timekeeping precision and a development that is considerably more solid.


Accordingly, Omega offer a four-year guarantee (the industry standard is two). So, Rolex as of late increased its guarantee to five years in spite of not having essentially altered the development.


Final Decision

While the Rolex 3135 is an incredible and solid development, it's difficult to disregard the jump in watchmaking innovation Omega took with its co-pivotal 8500 gauge. For me the Planet Ocean wins this one easily. 


  • Wearability

We discovered both watches staggeringly agreeable to wear. The cases are pleasantly adjusted just like the arm ornaments, and their nonpartisan shading plans loan them to formal and easygoing circumstances.


In the event that we needed to pick a victor for this classification it would be the Rolex Submariner —however just barely—on the grounds that I extremely like the coast bolt framework that empowers smaller scale alteration of the wrist trinket without the requirement for any devices.

Rolex Planet Ocean  

Deciding between these two watches is a very close call—the Omega has the brains, however we think the Rolex has the magnificence, and being a significant visual individual we would pick the Submariner. The somewhat higher cost of section of the Sub is justified, despite all the trouble when you factor in the leftover qualities, and the watch is sufficiently vigorous to endure forever. The Planet Ocean is a commendable sprinter up, and we are certain Omega will hope to enhance the watch in future emphases—Rolex would be wise to watch their backs!


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