Best Models of Rolex Watches for Sale at Cheapest Prices

Best Models of Rolex Watches for Sale at Cheapest Prices

Best Models of Rolex Watches for Sale at Cheapest Prices

Rolex is the most famous watch brand on the planet. Really popular for its unmistakable outlines, mechanical accuracy, and noteworthy legacy, Rolex is an unquestionable requirement for watch lovers all over the world. Rolex is likewise a big name top choice, showing up on the wrists of everybody from Eric Clapton to Roger Federer and Victoria Beckham. With regards to purchasing a luxury watch, there is an entire host of brands to browse, yet there is an enchantment that encompasses a Rolex - no single watch brand has produced such a significant number of momentous models. In adoration with the Rolex brand yet not certain where to put in your money when buying a watch?


Look at 5 of the most well-known Rolex watches for sale.



The Datejust is one of the establishing fathers of current luxury watches. In 1945, it acquainted both a date with the watch dial and a programmed winding element that enabled the date to be refreshed naturally at midnight every day. The amazing mechanics turned into a model for some cutting-edge wristwatches despite everything it looks just as smooth as it did more than 50 years back. The Datejust is conspicuous by the particular amplifying date bubble called the Cyclops.

Rolex Datejust 

The immense thing about the Datejust is its adaptability. Throughout the years it has been adjusted to various luxury materials and embellishments while holding a particular, exemplary look. This implies when you purchase a Datejust, or marginally more petite Lady Datejust, you can pick a model that mirrors your style and identity. In 2009 Rolex discharged the Datejust II offering a bigger size and refreshed highlights.


Well known DATEJUST WEARERS: Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Dalai Lama


Costs differ steeply relying upon material and configuration and additionally the allure of vintage models. Another Rolex Lady Datejust begins at £4750 while a Datejust 41 in steel and white gold is £6900. Outlines made in more costly materials can surpass these costs to anyplace upwards of £50,000. You can get a pre-possessed Datejust from around £3500.



A standout amongst the most conspicuous Rolex watches, the Submariner was the principal watch to remain waterproof up to 330 feet. It was instantly well known on its discharge in 1954 and albeit new versions have been discharged - it’s tasteful stays near the famous 1950s outline. Strong, spotless and manly, present-day plans highlight a particularly fired bezel and strong arm jewellery finish with collapsing faster.

Rolex Submarainer

The Submariner is as useful as it is great looking and a multi-directional bezel enables jumpers to screen plunging time and profundity. It's intended to be worked securely with gloves notwithstanding when submerged. Submariners have likewise been probably the most looked for after vintage Rolex outlines, with an uncommon model offering for the greater part a million dollars in Geneva in 2017.


Celebrated SUBMARINER WEARERS: Che Guevara, Johnny Depp, and Robert Downey Jr.


New Rolex Submariners begin at £5450 while pre-owned models can be found for around £4500 – making them an extremely appealing choice. Attractive and top of the line models can without much of a stretch extend into a huge number of pounds.



In the event that you are searching for something a little sportier from your Rolex then the Daytona may simply be the look for you. This chronograph watch developed from Rolex's association with the Daytona Beach Road Course where the brand filled in as official timekeepers. Propelled in 1963, the Daytona was intended for dashing drivers and was equipped for estimating speeds up to 400km every hour. The Daytona has a rich and unmistakably energetic outline highlighting three little sub-dials to gauge minutes, seconds and hours.

Rolex Daytona

Strong and waterproof, the Daytona delighted in a colossal surge in prevalence when it was worn by Paul Newman on the front of an Italian magazine and later, a few, Daytona models were named after the on-screen character and dashing auto driver. These Paul Newman Daytona watches are a standout amongst the most profitable vintage Rolex outlines. In 2017, a Daytona once claimed by Paul Newman got a stunning 17.75 million dollars at sell-off. In 2013, a platinum form of the Daytona was discharged to praise the 50th birthday celebration of the watch.


Well known DAYTONA WEARERS: Paul Newman, Elle MacPherson, Daniel Craig 


Rolex Daytona watches are profoundly looked for after and there is frequently a sitting tight rundown for the buy of new plans. Costs begin around £9100 new and from around £8000 for pre-owned Rolex Watches. Likewise with all Rolex watches costs can undoubtedly stretch out to several thousand for looked for after models and significantly higher for uncommon vintage finds.



A generally new expansion to the rundown, the YACHT-MASTER was divulged in 1992. Composed in view of mariners it is waterproof and intended to be anything but difficult to peruse in troublesome climate conditions. The YACHT-MASTER is somewhat more liberal than the Submariner in its plan includes, however, remains exceedingly viable with noteworthy quality and strength.

 Rolex Yacht master

The YACHT-MASTER II models discharged in 2010 offered significantly additionally cruising based usefulness with a commencement highlight adapted towards regatta utilize - controlled through the customizable bezel. A stainless-steel band and clean white dial make it hard wearing and simple to utilize. Today, the YACHT-MASTER remains a genuine utility watch with sacks of configuration claim.


Well known YACHT-MASTER WEARERS: Eric Clapton, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt


A pre-cherished Yacht Master can be grabbed from a financial plan cordial £3500 while a shiny new YACHT-MASTER II will set you back £8150 and upwards relying on the outline. The white gold and platinum display costs a cool £33,350.




In the same way as other Rolex watches, the GMT-MASTER began existence with a particular capacity or purchaser as a primary concern. For the GMT-MASTER this concentration was pilots and guides. The watch was composed in a joint effort with Pan Am Airways in 1954 and had the one of a kind component of having the capacity to show two diverse time-zones on the double.

 Rolex GMT master ll

In spite of the fact that the underlying GMT-MASTER was intended for usefulness its tasteful soon turned into a hit with watch darlings. A blend of smooth utilitarianism and amazing capacity has made it a continuing Rolex top pick. A brand dark dial with white adornment is anything but difficult to peruse in the faintly lit lodge of a plane or prepare. The GMT-MASTER was refreshed in 1985 as the GMT-MASTER II with an enhanced development and saw additionally discharges in 2007. It's the perfect multi-practical look for globetrotters.


Popular GMT MASTER WEARERS: Orlando Bloom, Ben Affleck, Sylvester Stallone


Another GMT-MASTER II with steel bracelet will cost you around £6550 while white gold models ascend to more than £28,000. Second-hand illustrations begin around £6000. The most attractive models can go for more than £70,000.


We hope that you have received the right information about the most popular Rolex Models. For buying new and pre-owned luxury watches from Rolex, visit Imperial Time. Rolex watches for sale at the best price in the market.