Why Get Insurance

If you cannot afford to easily replace your golden Rolex, you should give serious consideration to protecting yourself by purchasing insurance for it. In most cases, standard contents insurance will only cover you up to a certain value for a single item, and this is often not enough to cover the value of a watch. So how can you insure your watch and what are the various options available to you?

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Insurance Options

The two most popular options are home & content insurance or specialised insurance. Let’s take a careful look at these popular options.

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Home and Content Insurance


Some items can be included or added to your home and content insurance. Please be aware that standard home and contents insurance might not fully cover loss or theft for high value items. the first thing to do is to read the policy carefully and ascertain exactly what you are covered for and what your allowance is for individual items and to know whether you are covered for loss of valuables away from home.

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Specialised Insurance


A specialised watch insurance policy would guarantee coverage of your luxury watch if it were lost or stolen. Having a specialised insurance policy means that in the case of a loss or theft, you will work with somebody who understands the intricacies of a Rolex watch and will help you properly deal with your claim. 

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Cost of Insurance


When it comes to insuring a Rolex watch, one of the most pressing concerns is the cost of taking out an insurance policy. As you would expect, the exact cost of insuring your watch will depend on a number of factors, with the two most important being the value of your watch and the insurance provider you opt for.

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Get your watch independently valued


Get an independent valuation of your luxury timepiece or jewellery from us. This is especially important if you are seeking coverage from a more generic home and contents insurance provider, rather than a specialist jewellery insurance provider, but you should do it regardless of which path you go down. The amount you originally paid can become irrelevant quickly. Getting a valuation will allow you to know where you stand.